Tenth International Conference on Parsing Technologies


Saturday, 23 June, 2007

9:00–9:35 Registration/Opening Remarks
9:35–10:10 Using Self-Trained Bilexical Preferences to Improve Disambiguation Accuracy
Gertjan van Noord
10:10–10:45 Evaluating Impact of Re-training a Lexical Disambiguation Model on Domain Adaptation of an HPSG Parser
Tadayoshi Hara, Yusuke Miyao and Jun’ichi Tsujii
Coffee break
11:15–11:50 Semi-supervised Training of a Statistical Parser from Unlabeled Partially-bracketed Data
Rebecca Watson, Ted Briscoe and John Carroll
11:50–12:05 Adapting WSJ-Trained Parsers to the British National Corpus using In-Domain Self-Training
Jennifer Foster, Joachim Wagner, Djamé Seddah and Josef van Genabith
  Co-located Event Spotlight Presentation
12:05–12:40 The Impact of Deep Linguistic Processing on Parsing Technology
Timothy Baldwin, Mark Dras, Julia Hockenmaier, Tracy Holloway King and Gertjan van Noord
Lunch break
14:00–14:35 Improving the Efficiency of a Wide-Coverage CCG Parser
Bojan Djordjevic, James Curran and Stephen Clark
14:35–15:10 Efficiency in Unification-Based N-Best Parsing
Yi Zhang, Stephan Oepen and John Carroll
15:10–15:45 A log-linear model with an n-gram reference distribution for accurate HPSG parsing
Takashi Ninomiya, Takuya Matsuzaki, Yusuke Miyao and Jun’ichi Tsujii
Coffee break
16:15–16:50 Ambiguity Resolution by Reordering Rules in Text Containing Errors
Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi
16:50–17:05 Nbest Dependency Parsing with linguistically rich models
Xiaodong Shi
17:05–17:40 Symbolic Preference Using Simple Scoring
Paula Newman

Sunday, 24 June, 2007

9:15–9:35 Registration
  Guest Speaker
9:30–10:45 Synchronous Grammars and Transducers: Good News and Bad News
Stuart Shieber
Coffee break
11:15–11:50 Are Very Large Context-Free Grammars Tractable?
Pierre Boullier and Benoit Sagot
11:50–12:05 Pomset mcfgs
Michael Pan
12:05–12:40 Modular and Efficient Top-Down Parsing for Ambiguous Left-Recursive Grammars
Richard Frost, Rahmatullah Hafiz and Paul Callaghan
Lunch break
14:00–14:35 On the Complexity of Non-Projective Data-Driven Dependency Parsing
Ryan McDonald and Giorgio Satta
14:35–15:10 Dependency Parsing with Second-Order Feature Maps and Annotated Semantic Information
Massimiliano Ciaramita and Giuseppe Attardi
15:10–15:45 A Latent Variable Model for Generative Dependency Parsing
Ivan Titov and James Henderson
Coffee break
16:15–16:50 Three-Dimensional Parametrization for Parsing Morphologically Rich Languages
Reut Tsarfaty and Khalil Sima’an
  Co-located Event Spotlight Presentation
16:50–17:25 Data-Driven Dependency Parsing across Languages and Domains: Perspectives from the CoNLL-2007 Shared task
Joakim Nivre
+ Closing